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We don’t “fix” dogs.
We teach dogs and their owners how to have a rewarding life long relationship

Join Our Family!

Are you looking for respectful dog training that helps you build a relationship with your dog built on mutual trust? We not only train your dog but we teach you how to see our human-centric world through your dogs eyes. It’s an eye opening experience. 


Hi! I'm Kel Henninger. I'm the lead trainer at OhMyDog and I'm dedicated to improving your relationship with your dog. By helping you understand why your dog behaves the way they do, providing professional training and guiding you through the training process, my clients experience a new fulfilling life with their companion. Dog training will not 'fix' your dog, but it will give you and your dog the skills and tools you need to have a rewarding relationship. I'm dedicated to all of my clients, human and canine, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


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